We help people to be a part of the local community

Lonely woman in front of London Bridge

Moved to another place? Remember how it feels? Exciting at first, right? Everything is new – people, places, culture.

But you’re not a tourist anymore, it’s your life now.

That’s when you might start to feel homesick. When there are no friends around to share a joke with. When you can’t make much sense of this rental agreement. Or when you are going home instead of out because of a fear of not understanding others or being understood.

Few people's hands brought together on a tree
Who are we?

We are here to help those who are new to London. Our mission is to support people to become part of the local community by tackling loneliness and providing advice. To summarise, we work with this peculiar phenomenon called integration.

Belong London is like a good old friend. You can ask us anything and we are here for you. We’ll help you regain that home feeling that you may have lost. Whether rich or poor, we are open to everyone. We are like you – no formalities, just come and join.

Belong. Be yourself.

People on escalators in the tube

We bring together a community of like-minded people.

We have lots of connections with people who’ve been through this mysterious integration process and are ready to help. We also have those who are searching for somewhere to belong.

Here in Belong London we bridge the gap between two.

Our first steps involve the most important aspect of integration, meeting people. We organise a set of introductory meet-ups to provide essential advice for those who are new to the community.

Group of people standing in front of sunset
  • Be included. We fully accept everyone in our community, including people who might be excluded elsewhere and treat them all equally.
  • Be together. We believe we can achieve more together than we can alone.
  • Be fun. We get together and have fun.
  • Be secure. We support you if you’re feeling lost.
  • Be yourself. We want our community to feel comfortable in a new city.
Group of people jumping in front of sunset